Melbourne, Australia

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Earlier this year I spent 5 weeks in Melbourne, Australia staying with my boyfriends family. We spent many days exploring the coastal capital of the southeastern Australian State, seeing friends and enjoying the wonders of Victoria. Our first visit was to Echuca, as previously written about.

We watched two Aussie rules footie games. Both St. Kilda home games – my boyfriends team! I even wore a St Kilda scarf with Red, White and Black stripes to the Etihad Stadium. I loved getting involved with the sporting atmosphere, screaming “get around it” each time they were chasing the ball! You have to see the Cheer Squads! Amazingly dedicated fans, I’ve never seen anything like it! Cheering at World-famous sporting events is one of the top things to do in Melbourne so check out the Melbourne Cup, the Australian Grand Prix and Melbourne Cricket Ground.

The Natural History Section in Melbourne Museum was fantastic, especially seeing how Australia evolved into the country it is today.

We walked along the Yarra River from Federation Square, filled with plaza’s, bars and restaurants, towards the Eureka Skytower – the highest building in the Southern Hemisphere, with wonderful views across the city and out to the Tasman Sea.

Check out Flinders Street station, taking oh in and out of the city as well as Victorian landmarks like St Paul’s Cathedral and Royal Exhibition Building. The National Gallery of Victoria and Heidi Museum of Modern Art are famously incredible so I look forward to visiting during my next visit! I also look forward to seeing the Royal Botanic Gardens and Melbourne Zoo.

On our last day we took a lovely drive into the Victorian countryside, up into the mountains to St Andrews Market before spending the evening at Crown Casino!!

I love Melbourne and can’t wait to visit again in the Summer one time!

Love Curls X

It all started with a mouse…

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Today is a very special birthday, one which I have celebrated by treating myself to a few items in the new Disney X Cath Kidston range… can you guess?

It’s Mickey Mouse’s Birthday!!

As a child, Mickey Mouse was an iconic figure growing up. I have miniature statues, mugs, cuddly toys and even a lamp with Mickeys face. Into my teenage and adult years, the toys have turned into clothes and Pandora Charms, yet I can’t seem to get Disney out of my every day life, so I feel it’s only right to acknowledge the main mouse’s Birthday!

“Making his debut on November 18, 1928, we commemorate the birth of that ever lovable mouse that was once a rabbit called Oswald. To get to the beginning of the story, we have to go back to 1927 when Walt Disney first sketched a floppy eared bunny while under contract to Universal Studios. The events that unraveled brought us Mickey Mouse. From a rabbit named Oswald to a mouse named Mortimer, eventually, the squeaky-voiced rodent was dubbed Mickey. He flopped in two animated short films without any success. Then on November 18, 1928, Mickey’s star was born. The first animation synchronized to music and sound effects, Steamboat Willie premiered in New York.”

As you can tell, I love Disney, so enjoy these Mickey Pics 💕

Love Curls X

America Art – MASS MoCA

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During my last wonderful summer in America we, some of our Camp Art Department staff were treated to a visit to the largest Contemporary Art Gallery in the world – MASS MoCA (The Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art). This is a museum built into an old factory building complex in North Adams, Mass, USA.

We visited many wonderful exhibitions, a favourite being James Turrell’s Light Exhibition ‘Into the Light’. “In James Turrell’s hands, light is more than simply a source of illumination: it is a discrete, physical object. His sculptures and architectural interventions elevate our experience and perception of light and space. Squares of sky seem to float, suspended, in ceilings or walls; architecture disintegrates; and brilliant geometric shapes levitate in midair.”

We saw Sol Lewitt’s structures. And Spencer Finch’s ‘Cosmic Latte’ as seen below.

Julianne Swart’s ‘In Harmonicity, The Tonal Walkway’ below…

My favourite Exhibition was Tanja Hollander’s ‘Are you really my friend?’. This was all about catching up with her friends on Facebook, meet each friend over a period of about 4 years. Reconnecting and establishing if they are really friends rather than acquaintances. This really spoke to me as it’s a question I often ask myself. I have friends on Facebook I’ve known all my life, people I was at school with, University friends and team mates and many new friends I’ve met throughout my travels. This made me think of what I would do if I were to have a day with each of these people. Where would I go? What would I do? How many miles would I cover seeing everyone? Who would be awkward to see? What memories would each person bring back to me?

I have always tried to catch up with friends when I can and make sure I save time to catch up with friends from abroad who visit the UK, or to see them if I am in their country. I think this is important.

I love this collection of installations, wondering through at my own will, those I did get a little scared walking up the ladder on the above artwork though! It was beautiful teaching the top!

I could spend hours at any art gallery and have so much appreciation for anyone’s artwork! Love it! I look forward to one day returning!

Love Curls x

Tegalalang Rice Terrace

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One beautiful piece of nature I feel everyone who’s a budding traveller must visit is rice terraces. There are many throughout South East Asia.

During my wonderful trip teaching in Bali, as previously written about I visited the local Ubud Rice Terraces and Tegalalang Rice Terraces. I would recommend this as a half day visit to anyone in Bali.

My friends and I took a taxi from our home-stay in Ubud, which took around 20 minutes drive to Tegalalang. We spent the next 2 hours wondering around the Rice Terraces, up and down the hills, over the bridges across the water ways that feed into the rice terraces.

Most of local Balinese people traditionally lived as farmers, with a specialism in rice farming. This was until the tourism industry really took off in Ubud and around Bali, yet there are still some farming families who live and work in the rice terraces. Though walking in the rice Terraces are free, be prepared to be asked for money by theses families, a dollar or two is sufficient, because you are effectively walking in their garden and shop, in a sense anyway.

This is a wonderful trip and well worth the hikes, so do wear sturdy shoes for the walk. Be prepared to get sweaty! And have fun indulging in mother nature’s glory!

Love Curls x

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Milano, Italy 🇮🇹

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My trip to Milan in Italy in April 2016 was a wonderful 6 days exploring this fashionable City.

My mum and I arrived to a lovely hotel with an indoor pool and spa and rooftop area pictured above where we relaxed taking in the sun above the hustle and bustle of the busy streets below.

We bought an Open-Top-Bus-Ticket, which I’m sure you’ll know now I love them! I have explored many cities now upon a double decker bus and enjoy the multiple stops around the many routes.

We visited the Piazza del Duomo – Milan’s Cathedral. This Gothic Cathedral took six centuries to build! This is located next to the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, The worlds oldest shopping mall! The ceiling is a beautiful work of architecture.

On another day we went to the Sforza Castle built in the 15th Century on the remnants of a 14th Century Fortification. A brilliant attraction to visit for any History enthusiast like myself.

With a passion for art also, we visited Leonardo Da Vinci’s ‘The Last Supper’. “You don’t restore ‘The Last Supper’ by filling in the missing pieces – you preserve. You accept the material that has somehow survived.”

Milan has such wonderful food, the Milanese Risotto with Saffron is so yummy! We visited the same restaurant 3 times because the staff were so lovely! A brilliant trip! I look forward to another trip to Italy in the future!

Love Curls x

Lest We Forget

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old.

Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.

At the going down of the sun and in the morning

We will remember them.

‘Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red’ – The Tower of London 2014

Lake Como – Italy

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During a trip to Milan, Italy in May 2016 I took a day tour to Lake Como booked through Milan City Hop-on-Hop-off tour busses, as I have done in many cities! Highlights for this included: “-Travel with ease around Milan on a hop-on hop-off sightseeing tour

-See the city at a pace that suits you with a 24h or 48h ticket

-Drive by the must-see Milan landmarks including La Scala opera house, Milan Cathedral and Il Cenacolo Vinciano

-Explore a total of three different routes that cover all the main attractions

-Hop on and off the bus as many times as you please”

Lake Como is in the Northern region of Italy called Lombardy, a holiday resort for the Rich and Famous and thoroughly gorgeous area in the foothills of the Alps.

We started the tour in the City of Como at the southwestern branch of this upside-down Y shaped Lake. We explored the city which was a very traditional Italian area before boarding the ferry boat up to Bellagio, passing many lakeside towns and resorts. We visited Bellagio as it is the home of a gorgeous friend I met in Bali, she spoke so highly of this town and now I see how beautiful her home is! We took a walk around Bellagio, which has countless steps, a very hilly mountain-side town, before enjoying dinner on the Lakeside – lasagne! My favourite!! This meal will stay in my mind forever – as my mum and I were eating we saw a sister and brother aged about 3 and 5 playing on the ramp leading into the water. The little girl slipped and within seconds, before we could even jump off our seats, her mother ran down in heels and jumped in and saved her daughter! It was one of the most incredible, shocking moments of my life.

Anyway back to Como! A gorgeous trip and I look forward to hearing about anyone else’s trips to Como!

Love Curls X

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The Lake District – England – Buttermere

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I have had a holiday up in The Lake District every year of my life, Easter holidays, May Bank Holiday and Summers – so very English! I love exploring the Lakes and mountains, the towns and villages around the county of Cumbria, historically called Cumberland, in the North West of England, on the boarder of Scotland.

The last Lake I walked around was Buttermere. Buttermere is owned by the National Trust and is a lovely natural walk around the 1.5 miles long lake and 75 foot deep. This stroll took about 2 1/2 hours and was great for the whole family. We even saw children running around, so it’s a great hike for beginners, lakeside and through fields, even under a cave tunnel too!

Fun Fact: There is only one Lake in The Lake District – Bassenthwaite Lake. The rest are Mere’s and Waters – all very different and only a local Cumbrian would know that.

I am from a family of Proud Cumbrian’s so have learnt all about the Lakes and Towns around! Especially Cartmel’s Sticky Toffee Pudding – the original and the best!

Try it and take my word!

Looking forward to more countryside walks next summer!

Love Curls x

It’s amazing the people you meet around the World 🗺

Hello World,

This morning in the Post I received a very exciting package of 15 Handmade Christmas Cards, ready to send to loved ones next month! Yes I am super-eager, however I just had to get my order into Doodling Lucy as soon as possible!

Throughout my travels I have met some of the most incredible people, people have have seen my ups and downs, seen me laugh, love, cry and made me who I am today.

For the last three summers I have taught Ceramics at a wonderful Camp in America, loved every minute and have be fortunate enough to work alongside many creative individuals! Most of us have gone down many different yet artistic career paths and I love catching up and seeing how everyone is getting on in our own endeavours.

Two weeks ago the Art Depart un-departed together in London for an evening of fun and drinks where Lucy showed us ideas for her new Christmas Card collection for her Business – @DoodlingLucy5 on instagram! I vowed to order some and they are beautiful, lovingly made and all so individually designed.

Lucy has a website you can order your own designs as well as her classics. I have already received two this summer and now look forward to sharing her creativity to family and friends (sorry gals if you you see your card here before you receive it 😘) as well as soon ordering a Valentines card for a special someone!

Lucy also designs incredible T-shirts so think about your local sports team, drama group or friends squad for ideas!

DoodlingLucy’s site and get your orders in soon for Christmas!

I have made a personal promise to myself to support those I know and love ever since I read this quite a few years ago and here I am, sharing with you the wonders of DoodlingLucy 💕

Support small businesses

Love Curls x

The New Forest

Hello World,

Autumn is a wonderful time of year to go out exploring in the fresh air, locally or a little further afield for the day. I love exploring the Surrey Hills or having a walk down the Thames for a local countryside walk, however I do enjoy heading a little further into The New Forest.

The New Forest, in the South of England has one of the largest remaining tracts of unenclosed pasture land, heathland and forest in the south, which is a very populated area. This Forest covers southwest Hampshire to southeast Wiltshire and towards Dorset.

This is a gorgeous natural area of England where I have visited many times Camping at Sandyballs Campsite and also Lyton Lawn Campsite! Milford-on-Sea is a gorgeous village with a summer float parade and a lifeboat display across the beach! Enjoy!!

Love Curls X